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The Pulse of Regional Car Production

Just as distributed power may go a long way to resolving our home energy needs, so too may regional manufacturing help meet some of our other needs.

After two years and $100,000 development investment, the ‘Pulse’ prototype all-electric car made its debut at Courthouse Square in downtown Portland on the 24th. The Pulse has a range … Read More.

Power to the People

Community effort in Southeast Portland brings solar within reach for many.
PORTLAND, Ore. — September 16, 2009 was the deadline for Portland homeowners to become part of the very first Solarize Portland project — a grassroots effort that’s making it easier to go solar for less through the power of community. What began as the idea … Read More.

Electric Cars Now

The electric car (EV) has been with us for over 100 years, but unfortunately it has been too little with us all that time. At one time there actually were more EVs on the road than cars powered by the internal combustion engine (ICE). The early EV was simpler, more reliable, quieter, cleaner, and easier … Read More.

It’s Over: Five Reasons Why the Electric Car Wins

It’s Over: Five Reasons Why the Electric Car Wins

By BC Upham | August 31st, 2009

It could take ten years or more to become apparent, but I’ll call it now: the electric car will replace the internal combustion engine.
A caveat: I am not an automotive industry expert. Which is why I’m right. I’m not mired … Read More.

Pixels vs. Paper

Our publication The Green Living Journal is available both on line and in printed form at 350 locations throughout the Portland-Vancouver metro area. The question of which of the two editions has the least impact on our environment is of constant concern to us, but the answer is rather elusive and often determined by who … Read More.