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A Cleaner Burn

Aprovecho means “to make the best use of ” in Spanish. A most fitting name for a non profit research center in Cottage Grove Oregon that has been working on sustainable and best use methods since 1982.
Researchers at Aprovecho have created a commercially available rocket stove with GreenFire Technology™ which could make a large impact … Read More.

Bottled Water: A Shrinking Market

Some cities have gone as far as outlawing the sale of bottled water. Some states charge a refund deposit on water bottles in an effort to corral the burgeoning number of discarded one-use water bottles.
Here are some facts from

Bottled water costs up to 4,000 times more than tap water.
Bottled water is essentially tap water
Bottled … Read More.

Palm Oil Plantations Wrecking Asian Rainforests

Palm oil, listed as, “vegetable oil,” in many supermarket food products is responsible for cultures, ecosystems, and animals, like the orangutan, tiger, and sun bears being pushed to extinction, and the problem is getting worse.

In the rush to profit from this cheap food and biodiesel-producing plant, palm oil plantations are replacing the biodiversity of co2-sopping … Read More.

Tires Made from Trees Save on Fuel and Energy

Kaichang Li, an associate professor of wood science and engineering in the OSU College of Forestry believes that microcrystalline cellulose, a material made from trees and other plant fibers, may be able to replace about 12% of the silica used as a reinforcing filler in rubber tires.
Photo: Materials scientist and OSU doctoral student, Wen Bai, … Read More.

Algae Coated Solar Panels

Bio-Solar nanotech is a reality: Oregon State University and Portland State University have been working with algae to create dye-sensitized solar cells for power generation. The basic concept of dye-sensitized solar power generation is explained in the following video:

The solar cells are created by allowing algae to settle on glass panels, then rendering them to … Read More.

Making Way for Oregon’s Solar Highway Along I-205

Oregon Department of Transportation, (ODOT) is moving ahead with a proposed public-private partnership on a $20 million solar panel project along I-205. The partnership would allow tax credits to be used to improve the region’s electrical grid and meet ODOT’s energy needs without passing the cost to taxpayers.
The use of technology, raw materials, and labor … Read More.