2000 EV Charging Stations Coming to Oregon

ECOtality will be installing over 11,000 electrical vehicle charging stations to cities across Tennessee, California, Arizona, Oregon and Washington. Though the project is part of Nissan’s U.S. Leaf launch, the charging stations will accommodate all industry standard plug-in EVs.

Oregon is one of the test markets for the Nissan Leaf and the charging stations. Residents can expect their marketplace to receive just under 1,000 Nissan Leaf vehicles and some 2,000 charging stations. They will be centered around Portland, Eugene, Salem and Corvallis.

The all-American project received $100 million in economic stimulus funds to encorage the installation of the infrastructure needed if the use of electric vehicles is to become widespread.

Reference: Trend Hunter


  1. The time for Electric Vehicles is now. Using Solar and Wind Energy to charge the cars is ideal.

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